Bali Moon Hawaii's founder, Claudio Fernandez, is a second-generation designer who left his overseas origin to chase the infamous waves of the Hawaiian islands. He established a home base on the North Shore of O'ahu and like most steadfast surfers, it didn't take long for the currents of swell searching to pull him to Indonesia. Once being introduced to Bali, he quickly grasped the significance of the island and its diversity deriving from various places, times, and cultures. Many of the greatest designers in the world were producing in Bali, making it a melting pot of interchanging visions. 

Seeing the favorability of materializing his ideas in a place with such vast international influence, he seized the opportunity to align his passion with his profession. Claudio began producing his designs in Bali and bringing them home to share with the people of Hawaii. Traveling from one paradise to another, he was distributing furniture, homeware, building supplies, clothing, jewelry, accessories, and more. 

He has now performed over 25 years of service, making him a competent and trusted provider of merchandise for many wholesale and retail customers. The broad array of unique products and keen ability to objectify concepts are what truly sets Balimoon Hawaii apart from it's competitors.