Bali's Cutest Cafes

Bali is one of the many alluring islands among the Indonesian archipelago. It seems to be gaining a reputation as a common checkpoint for travelers and adventure-seekers alike. With a growing case of wanderlust and so much talk of Bali in the air, it was only a matter of time before I booked a flight. When that time came, I planned to fulfill the extent of a tourist visa and stay for 30 days. This felt like ample time to see for myself exactly what all the hype is all about.

I made my way around the island staying in villas, hotels, and homestays throughout Canggu, Uluwatu, Seminkyak, and Ubud. Most days were spent roaming the streets, allowing curiosity to act as my guide. I had a hunger for soul stimulation and a thirst for art and culture that was gaining fulfillment with every corner I turned.

It didn't take long to realize that dining in Bali is a highlight of the overall experience. As expected, Indonesian dishes are always obtainable and delightful, but some may be surprised to learn about the abundance of unique coffee shops and restaurants that line the streets of Bali. With this discovery and favorability of currency exchange, I was able to plan my days around introducing my tastebuds to brand new realms of cuisine.

With so many bistros to choose from and countless variables to consider while electing my newfound favorites, I decided to set out to find Bali's "cutest" cafes. You know, the ones with playful vibes, heavenly aromas, divine dishes, and an "insta-worthy" ambience.

Though I am sure I have many more aesthetically pleasing cafes to disclose on my next trip to Bali, these are my top picks from the first 30 days of my food frenzy. Each of these suggestions is affordable, fresh, mostly organic, vegetarian/vegan friendly, offers free wifi, and is, of course, sooo cute!

Cafe Organic: Seminyak & Canggu. I don't actually think it's possible to order anything on the menu and be displeased. Between the delectable food and overall charm, Cafe Organic took the gold as my most cherished diner. Without any hesitation, I deem it as a must-see while in Bali.

Garden Gangsters
Sweet Potato Burger
No Bad Days
Fresh Pressed Juice


Suka Expresso- Uluwatu. I only spent about 5 days total in Uluwatu, but out of all the places I ate in the area, this one really felt like mining out a hidden gem. I could taste the freshness of the local produce being served and the scene was just as vibrant as their stunning plates. When in South Bali, this sweet spot is well worth the stop. 

Grinding in the "Seamist Maxi"

Grinding in the "Seamist Maxi"

Smoothie Bowl


Watercrest:  Batu Belig (road between Seminyak to Canggu) & Ubud. I was lucky enough to dine at each of their locations, being equally satisfied with both. Though fully equipped with lunch and dinner options, I chose to swear by this Australian styled cafe for their brekky bowls, coffees, and fresh pressed juices. With their mantra being "eat fresh, live well," I was able to the get the sustenance I needed to kickstart my mornings while enjoying their cozy and serene surroundings.

Fresh Juice
Breakfast Bowl
Acai Bowl Watercress Bali
Watercress, Ubud

Watercress, Ubud


Nalu Bowls- Seminyak, Uluwatu, Canggu & Berawa. In Hawaii I eat an acai bowl at least a few times a week. Needless to say, I am no stranger to smoothie bowls. Calling the North Shore home, it only seemed fitting that I ordered the "Pipeline" and it was hands down the tastiest smoothie bowl to ever grace my palate. I also totally dug the surfer spirit and Hawaiian inspired atmosphere.

Uluwatu & Pipeline bowls

Uluwatu & Pipeline bowls

Nalu Bowls
Exploring Bali


Gourmet Cafe: Seminyak & Dewi Sri. Both locations have a very simple, yet stylish feel. I don't feel comfortable publicly admitting how much of my trip was actually spent eating here, but I'm not in denial about how delectable everything on their menu truly is. I really enjoyed their option to customize a salad or sandwich. You choose all the fresh ingredients of your liking and the staff is pleased to prepare your specially prepped desires. Also, if you want to completely highlight your day, be sure to check out their baked goods near the register.

Gourmet Cafe Bali
Gourmet Cafe


Sisterfields: Seminyak. Here's another modern, Australian inspired cafe to make the list. I knew this place would be a hit when I showed up and had to wait 10 minutes to be seated. They were full, which is typically a good sign for first impressions. Like most cafes in Bali, Sisterfields offers both indoor and outdoor seating. Despite the crowd, it felt clean, comfortable, and chill.

Sisterfields Bali

Nook: Seminyak. This cafe is tucked away in a crevice of one of Seminyak's busiest areas. You wouldn't feel that way once being seated amongst the tranquility of a rice field though. The open aired seating and lush plants surrounding the Nook adds a very earthy and natural feel aside from all the fresh goodness being served up. They also have a little shopping area where you can score some locally crafted keepsakes.

Nook Bali
Morning Juice
Nook Bali


Ingka: Kerobokan. Their menu is a lively stir of asian fusion and western cuisine. Dishes are served in hardy portions and though I only got a chance to make one visit, it was obvious that this is a stop for authentic Indonesian meals. The aura here is funky and hip with a rustic undertone. 

Ingka Bali
cappuccino and juice
Ingka Bali

I am counting down the days untiI I get another go at eating my way around Bali. If you have any recommendations that you think should be on this list, let me know and I would love to check it out! Also, if you make your way to Bali and indulge at any of the above locations, let me know what you think in the comments below. Delightful dining!